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Sigiriya also called Simhagiri, Lion Rock is an archaeological site classified at the Universal Heritage of UNESCO. It is located in center of Sri Lanka 160 km from Colombo.


The History says that Kassapa, the illegitimate son of King Anuradhapura Dhatusena killed is father in order to access to the throne. The other son who was he legitimate, Moggallana had to exile to India to avoid being killed. Before leaving, he said that he will come back to revenge their late father.

Kassapa who knew his brother was coming back, left the kingdom of Anuradhapura and chose the site of Sigiriya due to its big rock culminating at 180 meters and located closed to a water tank previously dogged by his father.

He will build a real fortress and at its peak his magnificent palace. Today the visitors can still admire the pools, real technological breakthrough for these times; which were used to supply the water for the palace swimming pool at the top of the rock, to irrigate the gardens and to feed the members of the court. Kassapa’s throne is also still visible. But what the visitors will the most appreciate is the view on the luxurious surrounded jungle.


Before Kassapa’s constructions, the site was already occupied as per the graffiti found in the cave, as well as a laying down Buddha of 13 meters long dated from 11th century B.C.