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The Galle Fort

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fort Galle offers you a real journey back in time! The first settlers to build this fortified city will be the Portuguese who then transported spices from India and Sri Lanka to the West. Then came the Dutch who improved the quality of life of the fort and the English who occupied the city until 1948 during the independence of Sri Lanka.

The visit is done on foot to appreciate the colonial architecture of the houses and discover in the alleys of small hidden treasures. You can find almost everything there, from fabric and antique shops to souvenir shops and some of the best restaurants in Sri Lanka. To eat, you will find in our heading "restaurants" the good addresses not to be missed.

Do not miss out on the ramparts that offer amazing views of the ocean.

Tip: The charm of Galle Fort is at its height at sunset.

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